Scientific publication in the annual magazine "Energía" Feb. 2018, Ecuador
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# Revista "Energía" 2018, Ecuador

Spanish Paper of TEOO - Ecuador, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 TEOO 2019 Stefan Golla

As I was invited to Ecuador in 2017 with the scientific work Energy Transition Study for Ecuador. With poster presentation at the national energy congress on 21.09.2017 in Quito, I could present my results in a light version. The event was organised by the National Institute for Renewable Energy (INER) and the IEEE. The first prize for first place was the publication of a paper in CENACE's annual magazine "Energía". Thanks to Sören Gerke, who had already worked on the study, the paper was submitted in Spanish with an English abstract. This is the preliminary english version! ISSN: 1390-5074, ECU, CENACE NEW updated Revision of that paper in english(2019) is online!